Look Younger. Feel Stronger. Live Longer. ™

22 Isolation Workouts

  • For beginners or anyone with a nagging pain or weaker area that inhibits exercise
  • 15 minutes on average (7-8 minute shorter versions available)
  • For neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, wrists & elbows, hips, gluteus/sciatica, knees, feet & ankles
  • Warm up included
  • Combines range of motion exercises, stretching, and strengthening for each special body part

9 Cross Training Workouts

  • Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced options
  • 45 minutes on average (25 minutes shorter version available)
  • Emphasis on resistance/strength exercises
  • Accents of cardio and stretching throughout
  • Done as a circuit with no rest in between exercises for added cardiovascular health
  • Organized to cover the body from head to toe each week
  • Progression possible within each workout
  • Variety of training techniques
  • Warm up included
  • Features our unique 8-minute Cool Down


3 Cardio Blast Workouts

  • For intermediate/advanced
  • 30 minutes on average
  • Emphasizes cardiovascular conditioning
  • Introduces new strength exercises and includes stretching
  • Features our unique 8-minute Cool Down