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Wright Now Fitness - The Benefits of Stretching Monday, June 9, 2014

Aaron Wright's Tips on How to Start a Stretch Routine.

Stretching is a simple, affective way to increase energy and decrease pain.  Muscles benefit greatly from strength training and cardiovascular exercise, but we often neglect to include flexibility training in our workout plans.  Many of us are stiff and our muscles and joints lack movement because we sit in the same position all day; at our desks, in our cars.  By doing this, we cause our muscles to shorten and become tight.  This can result in bad posture, increased aches and pains including neck and back pain and headaches, decreased flexibility, increased chance of injury, and decreased circulation.  Additionally, repetitive motions and stress can also lead to decreased flexibility.

Now is the time to start stretching!  The rewards far outweighs the effort and it feels great.  It does not take much effort or time to stretch and you can increase your quality of life.  Stretching can slow the affects of aging, increase energy, increase physical efficiency, reduce stress, decrease your risk of injury, increase range of motion, decrease muscle tightness, improve your posture, increase circulation, increase relaxation, reduce soreness, improve balance and coordination, decrease pain, and increase happiness and confidence.

Here are some helpful tips on how to begin stretching:

  • Warm up before you stretch.  

It is important to warm up for  5-10 minutes before stretching (walking, jogging, steady cardio).  The purpose of a warm up is to increase the temperature of and blood flow to your muscles and to prepare your heart, lungs, and muscles for the demands of the workout you are about to do.  This helps to reduce the risk of soreness or injury.

  • How long to hold a stretch. 

An ideal type of stretching to start with is static stretching which is when you hold a stretch in its extended position for 15-30 seconds.  This length of time gives the muscles enough time to stop fighting the stretch and allows your body to let go and relax.  Don't forget to breathe while stretching; each deep breathe will help your body stretch further.

  • Don't skip the Cool Down.

It is valuable to perform a stretch cool down at the end of your workout to help your body return to its pre-exercise state.  After performing a gradual reduction of the intensity of the workout you were performing (cardio or strength exercises), it is beneficial to do a stretch cool down.  A cool down helps to gradually lower your heart rate, can prevent muscle soreness, removes waste products from the muscles, and helps to keep the blood and oxygen circulating to muscles which prevents blood pooling in the muscles.  And, it feels fantastic!

All of the Wright Now Fitness programs contain stretching throughout each and every workout.  Also, at the end of every workout, is our unique 8-minute Cool Down to soothe and relax your body and mind and send you off to enjoy the rest of your day!  It is also great to do on its own anytime.

 If you would like a FREE COPY of our 8-minute Cool Down, please e-mail us at: and we will mail you a Cool Down DVD and theraband.


I will see you at your next workout!

Aaron Wright

Look Younger. Feel Stronger. Live Longer.

Aaron Wright, creator of the Wright Now Fitness System, a comprehensive dvd and digital exercise system "for everyone", is an ACE certified personal trainer, orthopedic exercise specialist, exercise programming expert, and health and wellness speaker.

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