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How to work out at a level that’s right for you Thursday, May 30, 2013

How to work out at a level that’s right for you

  • When you’re first staring up a workout routine after it’s been a while, rest assured that getting into a shape that you can be proud of is very achievable. It truly is. But it’s a bit like a balancing act; teetering back and forth from consistent results that you see and feel each day, to not doing enough to get good results. Or over doing it; causing you to have to miss some of your workouts, and slowing your results significantly. This tends to make you less excited with the mediocre payoff you get from all the work and effort you’re putting into it.

  Here’s how to bypass this dilemma:

  1. Perform all your exercises using a resistance that is manageable for you; not so easy that you feel little or no muscle stimulation, but without having to grunt, strain, and hold your breath to finish off your last few reps. Trying to always use the best form that you can with each repetition can be helpful when designating a weight.
  2. Do your cardio at a pace and with a heart rate that you can comfortably maintain. The exhilarating feeling of accomplishing a good workout gives you way better long-term results than pain and exhaustion will.
  3. And, stay consistent with your stretching; it really helps your body recover much faster from workouts. 
  • With the Wright Now Fitness System, think of the beginning, intermediate, and advanced exercise options as classifications of exercise intensity; therefore, giving you more variety. Doing the beginner vs. the advanced exercises doesn’t necessarily mean you are a beginner, intermediate, etc.  If you do each exercise at the appropriate level for you, based on pain and comfort,  you’ll quickly see yourself improve from one level to the next, exercise by exercise. And, you won't have to force yourself to get into great shape. It will just continuously happen as time goes by until one day you look and feel better than you could have ever imagined.

Stay consistent, and have fun!

Aaron Wright   




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Get Started Now! Monday, May 13, 2013

Get Started Now!

How to structure a workout plan you can stick with.

  • Structure your workout plan around your life!  Set aside an amount of days per week and an amount of time per day for exercise that you can stick with!  It can be as little as 2-3 days per week and  15-20 minutes to start.  It is very helpful to make it an appointment on your calendar!
  • Don't overdo it during every workout!  Pace yourself so you don't get over sore or quit after only two workouts. Then, add a little more to your workouts each week.
  • Do exercise that you enjoy.  Try new things and have fun!  Variety is the spice of life! 
  • Try to include these exercise elements every week for a well-balanced workout program:  stretching, strength training, cardio, and nutrition. 
  • Start at the level you are at and not where you think you should be.  Ease into exercise and body wellness - this makes it easier to make a lifestyle change that you can stick with forever.  This is how you can look younger, feel stronger, and live longer! 
  •  Keep track of your progress!  Use a calendar or workout journal to write down the exercises you do, nutrition plan, or things you are learning. 
  • For help with all of the above, try the Wright Now Fitness System to guide you every step of the way!

I will see you at your next workout!

Aaron Wright

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