Wright Now Fitness - The Benefits of Exercising at Home

Aaron Wright's Tips on How and Why to Exercise at Home

At home workouts have greatly increased in popularity due to their convenience and success rate. We all lead extremely busy lives these days with work, family, and extracurricular activities and working out at home is extremely beneficial when it comes to saving both time and money. Furthermore, through exercise and eating a heart-healthy diet, it is possible to lower cholesterol, control blood pressure and blood sugar, and maintain a healthy weight. Not to mention, live a longer, healthier life.

Listed below are the advantages of working out at home and how to begin:

Save Time:

When someone works out at home, it saves a tremendous amount of time. There is no driving time to the gym in addition to changing into workout clothes and showering afterwards. Also, exercise can fit into every individual schedule. A workout can happen at any time of day; the gym never closes. A person can even workout during his/her lunch hour if he/she works from home.

Save Money:

By working out at home, other than the initial equipment and DVD purchase(s), there are no additional fees. There is no gym membership, no daycare cost, and no gas used to drive to the gym.


No one is there watching when someone works out at home. Exercise can be performed without feeling uncomfortable, embarrassed, or self conscious. It is important to take care of our bodies, but often people resist because they are really uncomfortable going to a gym. An individual can get up in the morning, put on tennis shoes, and start exercising. He/she can even workout in his/her pajamas. When winter hits and it's cold, dark, and rainy, there is no leaving the house and driving to the gym. Not to mention, it is usually cleaner at home.


A workout can be done while the kids are home and while dinner is in the oven. It is unnecessary to deal with the hassle of a babysitter or pay for one either. Additionally, there is never having to wait for someone to finish using a piece of equipment.

How to Get Started:

First, create a workout space: choose a special area of the house for working out with plenty of room, ventilation, a fan, and a place to keep a water bottle handy. Keep the area set up and ready to go at the last minute. Try not to hide the workout space with clutter. Turn off the phone ringer and set up the kids with entertainment, snacks, and drinks before getting started.

Try Wright Now Fitness. It is a guided, complete exercise system that can be personalized and can be done right in the comfort of one's home. Wright Now Fitness instructs throughout each and every workout and takes the guessing out of what to do. Visit for more information. The workouts can even be streamed on an iPad or computer.

Working out at home can be a lot of fun and a great example for family members. A person can get quality out of his/her workouts without the distractions of a gym and can go at his/her own pace. Everyone can have a private, personalized gym right at home and it does not require a lot of equipment, time, or money.

I will see you at your next workout!
Aaron Wright
Look Younger. Feel Stronger. Live Longer.

Aaron Wright, CSCS, CMES, CPT, creator of the Wright Now Fitness System, a comprehensive DVD and digital exercise system "for everyone," is a NSCA certified strength and conditioning specialist, ACE certified medical exercise specialist, ACE certified personal trainer, orthopedic exercise specialist, functional training specialist, sports conditioning specialist, therapeutic exercise specialist, exercise programming expert, and health and wellness speaker.

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NOTE: Always consult your physician or health care provider before beginning any exercise program.

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